Bill Clinton’s Bizarre Behavior During the DNC


Source: AP/J. Scott Applewhite

Former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, supported his wife Hillary Clinton during the Democratic National Convention.

While Mr. Clinton was there to show his support and speak on behalf of his wife and Democratic Presidential nominee, he displayed some bizarre behavior.

First, during the former Secretary of State’s speech, the former President appeared to be dozing off. Democratic vice presidential pick, Tim Kaine, seemed to notice Clinton’s sleepy behavior and attempted to block the camera’s view from getting sight of the snoozing supporter.
Source: AP

When the DNC concluded on Thursday night, the Clinton family gathered on stage to wave to the crowd and join together in unity while red, white and blue balloons rained down on them. No one was more excited to see the balloons than the former President. He was like a kid on Christmas, tossing and kicking the balloons into the crowd.
Source: YouTube/G4ViralVideos