Covington Teen Plans to Sue CNN


Source: Instagram via Kaya Taitano

The ‘MAGA’ hat wearing teenage boy, who was at the center of a media firestorm over his interaction with a Native American protester near the Lincoln Memorial, is planning to sue CNN for at least $250 million.

In an interview with FOX News, a lawyer for Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann revealed they plan to file suit against the media company this week.

“CNN was probably more vicious in its direct attacks on Nicholas than The Washington Post. And CNN goes into millions of individuals’ homes. It’s broadcast into their homes,” attorney L.Lin Wood told FOX News host Mark Levin. “Now you say you’ve seen the tape. If you took the time to look at the full context of what happened that day, Nicholas Sandmann did absolutely nothing wrong. He was, as I’ve said to others, he was the only adult in the room. But you have a situation where CNN couldn’t resist the idea that here’s a guy, a young boy, with a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap on. So they go after him.”

“They woke up on Saturday morning and started throwing punches,” Sandmann’s attorney told Levin. “The CNN folks were online on Twitter at 7 a.m. retweeting the little one-minute propaganda piece that had been put out by @2020fight. We’ll find out who that person or entity was behind that eventually. But they’re out there right away going after this young boy. And they maintain it for at least two days.”

Sandmann also filed suit against the Washington Post for a lesser amount.