Donald Trump Will Not Participate in Fox Debate in Iowa


Source: AP/John Minchillo

The next Republican Primary Debate will take place on Thursday on Fox News Channel, but presidential front-runner Donald Trump will not be attending.

The real estate mogul chose to remove himself from the upcoming primetime debate on Fox, stemming from he and Fox‘s tumultuous relationship.

Trump’s on-and-off feud with the network along with his relationship with moderator Megyan Kelly led to his withdrawal, fully aware of the financial affect it could have on the network.

Source: Scott Olsen/Getty Images

During a news conference in Marshalltown, Trump told reporters, “Why should the networks continue to get rich on the debates? Why do I have to make Fox rich?” He expressed his discontent and aggravation toward the network and statements they made regarding the presidential front-runner.

In place of attending the debate, Trump will instead be holding a fundraising event in Iowa for wounded veterans.

Just days prior to the Iowa caucus, Trump is currently leading in the polls over Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Source: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Trump’s rival candidates responded to his decision to remove himself from the debate. Cruz told Fox News, “If you’re afraid to have anyone ask a question, that does not bode well for what kind of commander-in-chief you’d make.” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told the network, “It’ll give us more time to talk, and that’ll be good for me and good for the other people on the stage.” He added, “You gotta show up.”