Facebook Announces New ‘Messenger Kids’ App


Source: Dollar Photo Club

Facebook has announced a new messenger app aimed at children, specifically designed for those under the age of 13.

Currently only available in the U.S. via the app store for Apple products, the new ‘Messenger Kids’ service took Facebook 18 months to develop and was tested on kids aged between 6 and 11. Facebook announced the app will be coming to the Amazon App store and the Google Play store in the coming months.

According to Facebook, Messenger Kids is a way for kids to communicate with their parents, relatives and parent-approved contacts. After parents install the app they then create an account for their child. If a child wants to add a contact the parents have to approve and be a friend with them on Facebook. Parents are also able to view their child’s sent and received messages, photos etc.

Messenger Kids won’t have any ads, or in-app purchases and Facebook announced the app was developed in compliance with COPPA, the law that protects children’s privacy online.

Similar to Instagram and Snapchat, Messenger Kids will contain different photo and video filters and the app has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to provide different fun animal facts.