House Majority Leader McCarthy Woos President With Favorite Flavors of Starburst


Source: AP

Thanks to a diligent effort on behalf of an aide to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, we now know Donald Trump’s favorite flavor of Starburst candy.

It’s a pain to have to pick through a packet of Starburst to get to your favorite flavors, but Kevin McCarthy thought well ahead when he gifted a jar of the chewy, fruity candy to the president. He had an aide painstakingly pick through to retrieve only red and pink versions of the treat.

According to a report in The Washington Post, Kevin and President Trump were on Air Force One in October when an eagle-eyed Kevin noticed the president was only chomping down on the cherry and strawberry pieces of the candy.

According to The Washington Post, McCarthy purchased a bag of Starburst a few days later, instructed his aide to pick out the president’s favorite flavors and popped them in a glass jar with a White House official telling the Post they were delivered to a “smiling” Trump.