Internet Worries for Justin Trudeau’s Eyebrows Following G7 Summit


Source: Reuters

The G7 Summit in Canada may have been fraught with political tension, but it’s Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s eyebrows that are causing people real concern.

Ahead of the summit Trudeau gave a joint press conference alongside French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron and eagle-eyed eyebrow watchers immediately noticed something perplexing about Justin’s left eyebrow, causing some to even wonder whether the politician was wearing fake ones.

The topic of Justin’s brows caused such a stir on social media several Twitter accounts were created in honor of Trudeau’s eyebrows.

Thanks to some investigative journalism by Canada’s own Sean Craig and reported in Insider, the reason behind the disparity in Justin’s brows is due to a difference in thickness.

“While a fake eyebrow scandal would rule, the photographic record shows Justin Trudeau’s left eyebrow grows thicker on the bottom along the supraorbital ridge,” Craig thoughtfully informed worried Twitter users. “A streak of thinner hair parts upward closer to the glabella. This is why it can look like a fake eyebrow is falling off.”