President Trump Visits Flood Ravaged Carolinas


Source: AP

President Trump was on hand to deliver food and hugs during a visit to the Hurricane Florence ravaged Carolinas.

Surveying the damage caused by the hurricane during his first stop in North Carolina, the president vowed to send more money, saying, “We need it, and we have it, and we will be applying it, and there will be nothing left undone.”

The president spent the day visiting hard-hit areas in North Carolina and South Carolina, where he distributed meals at a local church, met with people who have lost homes and loved ones, and discussed relief efforts with local and state officials.

“America grieves with you and our hearts break for you,” Trump said during a visit to a marine base in Havelock, North Carolina. “God bless you. We will never forget your loss. We will never leave your side. We’re with you all the way.”