Scott Pruitt Used $43,000 Phone Box Once to Call White House


Source: AP

The $43,000 soundproof phone box former EPA head Scott Pruitt installed in his office last year, was used to call the White House only once, according to The Washington Post.

Pruitt resigned from his post at the Environmental Protection Agency last month after coming under scrutiny for how tax dollars were spent and how he treated staff.

Verizon phone logs released in response to litigation filed by the Sierra Club and received by The Washington Post reveal Pruitt used the telephone on January 29th to make a five-minute phone call to the White House. Records do not show how many incoming calls were made to the soundproof booth, or whether any incoming calls came from the White House.

Pruitt previously defended the expense of the phone booth, testifying last December, “Cabinet level officials need to have access to secure communications. It’s necessary for me to be able to do my job.”