Sweden Tests Road That Charges Electric Cars While They Drive


Source: Twitter via Road Arlanda

Sweden has just unveiled a new road they will be testing that allows electric cars to charge while they drive.

The approximately 1.2 mile eRoadArlanda is located just outside of Stockholm and, according to The Hill, is allows electric cars and trucks to connect to an electrified rail embedded in the middle of the pavement.

Sweden has a goal to be completely free of fossil fueled vehicles by 2030, with eRoadArlanda chairman Hans Säll telling CNN, “One of the most important issues of our time is the question of how to make fossil-free road transportation a reality. We now have a solution that will make this possible, which is amazing.”

According to CNN the road has been designed to withstand Sweden’s notorious icy, snowy and rainy weather, neither will it electrocute animals or humans.