Tiffany Trump Allegedly Registered to Vote in Two States


Source: Instagram via@tiffanytrump

After President Trump revealed he would launch a major investigation into voter fraud it was revealed his youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump, is registered to vote in two states.

Kellyanne Conway refuted the revelations that Tiffany is registered to vote in both New York and Philadelphia, calling the news false.

In an interview on the Today show Conway said, “I talked last night to Tiffany Trump, and she said it is flatly false that she is registered in two states.”

According to NBC a Philadelphia county elections official confirmed to them that Tiffany Trump is listed as active in the voter rolls for Philadelphia. Ms. Trump is also listed as active to vote in New York.

NBC also revealed Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, was – until last Wednesday – listed to vote in both Sarasota County, Florida and New York.

Sarasota County officials told NBC he was removed last Wednesday from their voter registration per notification from the New York City Board of Elections.

Kellyanne Conway told Today that although she hadn’t talked to Bannon about the revelations she can “guarantee he didn’t vote in two states.”