Uber Launches 911 Panic Button


Source: Uber

Uber is unveiling a new safety feature that will allow passengers to communicate directly with 911 with the push of a button in an effort to combat reports of assault, sometimes sexual, by its drivers.

The new “call 911” feature is part of the revamped Uber app and according to Jeff Rossen’s report on the Today show, when pressed it displayed Rossen’s exact location, the make and model of the Uber vehicle he was riding in together with the vehicle’s license plate number. Rossen was then able to communicate all of the information to the 911 dispatcher answering the call.

However, in six trial cities the app will go much further and, according to Today will automatically send your location and vehicle details to 911 immediately, even if you can’t talk. Denver, Colorado; Charleston, South Carolina; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Naples, Florida; Tri-Cities, Tennessee, and Louisville, Kentucky will all be part of the pilot program to test out the new advanced emergency button.

“We are talking to our riders and drivers and we know that if they’re ever in an emergency situation, they want help fast,” Uber’s director of project management, Sachin Kansal, told Today.