Violence Continues During Donald Trump Rallies – Protester Gets Sucker-Punched


Source: Sean Rayford/Getty Images

During Donald Trump’s campaign trail, active protesting and violence during rallies are becoming commonplace.

During Wednesday’s rally in Fayetteville, N.C., just before protester, Rakeem Jones, 26, was being escorted out of the building he was punched in the face by Trump supporter John McGraw.

Source: Ronnie Rouse/Reuters

Jones told the Washington Post, “The police jumped on me like I was the one swinging. My eye still hurts. It’s just shocking. The shock of it all is starting to set in. It’s like this dude really hit me, and they let him get away with it. I was basically in police custody and got hit.”

According to the The Fayetteville Police Department, authorities are investigating why McGraw was not also detained after the incident.

Video of the incident was captured and posted to YouTube. According to rally-goers, Trump’s speech continued to get interrupted over a dozen times by anti-Trump demonstrators.

Source: YouTube