14-Year-Old Runs for Governor of Vermont


Source: Ethan Sonneborn/Facebook

A 14-year-old boy is running for Governor of Vermont after witnessing racially charged violence.

Ethan Sonneborn, who starts ninth grade this year, decided to start a political campaign to become governor of the state due to the country’s response regarding the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia last year, according to a report from CBS News.

“I recognized that there was a new movement of leadership that could be doing better,” Sonneborn told CBS News. “New leaders who could actually stand up and say racism is bad.”

According to CBS News, there are no age requirements to run for governor in Vermont and candidates only need to have lived in the state for the past four years. Sonneborn has spent his whole life living in Vermont.

“I thought about what I would need to run a successful campaign, and ultimately it was a gut decision, so I decided to run,” Sonneborn revealed, adding, “I think Vermonters should take me seriously because I have practical, progressive ideas, and I happen to be 14. Not the other way around. It’s important that we have voices all over our state that are advocating for people not represented in government.”