A Gentle Reminder From Our Polite Canadian Neighbors


Source: Getty Images

Leave it to our ever-so-polite northern neighbors to give us a gentle reminder that America is already great.

In a bitter election year fueled by scare-mongering, alleged criminal activity and nasty debates, many Americans have been left feeling stressed out, tired and counting down the days until the election is over. The election has left us divided and anxious about the future of America, but we can take comfort in the inspiring messages being sent our way from Canada.

Our Canadian friends have reminded us – in the most polite way possible – that America is great via a social media campaign called “Tell America It’s Great” complete with a hashtag!

Using the personalized hashtag via Twitter and Youtube, Canadians have been leaving inspiring message to cheer downtrodden Americans up during the election. One Twitter message reads, “America, you gave the world Cherry Coke & the internet & the Golden Girls. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not great!”

Another Twitter user thanks us for Beyonce, whilst another praises us for being “vibrant and diverse” and thanks us for “being full of creative genius.”

The movement has spurred a grateful response from Americans, who have started a campaign of their own with #TellCanadaThankYou.