‘Arthur’ Character Comes Out as Gay

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Source: Arthur/PBS

The loveable school teacher, Mr. Ratburn, on the PBS animated kids show Arthur has not only come out of the closet – he also got married!

In the episode titled “Mr. Ratburn & the Special Someone,” Arthur and his pals delve into Mr. Ratburn’s homelife under the belief their beloved rat teacher is about to marry a very bossy character voiced by actress Jane Lynch – something they’re not too happy about.

As it turns out, Arthur and his friends discover Jane Lynch’s character is really his sister and Mr. Ratburn is in fact marrying a special someone else.

“It’s a brand new world!” one of the students remarks as the animated series shows Mr. Ratburn and his partner walking down the aisle.

Twitter was quick to congratulate the happy couple, with GLAAD tweeting, “Congratulations Mr. Ratburn!”

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