Bernie Sanders Holds Star-Studded Rally Pushing for Support

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Source: Iowa City Press-Citizen

Bernie Sanders held a celebrity-filled rally on Saturday night, hoping to secure some extra support from the college crowd.

Source: Iowa City Press-Citizen

The Vermont Senator held the rally at the University of Iowa’s Field House where thousands of young supporters showed up to see the politician and the celebrities that joined him.

Those who joined the rally included, comedic duo the Lucas Brothers, actor Josh Hutcherson, philosopher and activist Cornel West, Foster the People’s Mark Foster, and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig.

Source: David Scrivner/Iowa City Press-Citizen

Moments prior to the night’s events, the Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll showed Sanders trailing Hilary Clinton by just two points.

Source: Iowa City Press-Citizen

At one moment during his speech when he spoke about marijuana, the crowd electrified. He stated, “I know that none of you know anything about marijuana. In terms of marijuana, what we are seeing is a lot of lives that are really hurt, because if you get it on your criminal record, possession of marijuana, it could impact your ability to get a job. That is why I have introduced legislation and will move forward as president to take marijuana out of the Controlled Substances Act.”

The event hopes to bring Sanders the last push of support he needs to win the Iowa caucus on Monday.

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