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Bloomberg Reportedly Reconsidering 2020 Decision

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Source: Getty Images

According to The Hill, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is reportedly having second thoughts about not running for president in 2020.

Bloomberg initially shared on March 5th he would not be entering the presidential race stating the time and money would be better spent on his efforts regarding gun control and climate change.

Now, according to The Hill who cite a report in Axios, the Democrat is weighing “whether the field has an opening for a centrist candidate.”

According to Axios, Bloomberg’s initial decision to not enter the race was due to the presumption former Vice President Joe Biden would throw his hat in the ring. Bloomberg believed both he and Biden would be competing for the same voters. However, with two allegations the former Vice President inappropriately touched women recently surfacing it is unclear whether Biden will formally announce a 2020 presidential campaign, potentially clearing the way for Bloomberg to garner centrist votes.

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