Breastfeeding in Public is Now Legal in All 50 States


Source: AP

Mothers breastfeeding in public now have laws protecting them in all 50 states thanks to Idaho and Utah – the last two states that did not have a clearly defined policy relating to public breastfeeding – recently passing legislation.

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According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed into law last week legislation protecting mothers breastfeeding moms “to breastfeed in any place of public accommodation.” The legislation passed with a vote of 66-5.

The Idaho Statesman is reporting Idaho’s vote to protect breastfeeding mothers from “indecent exposure and obscenity laws” passed by 66-0.

The passing of legislature in Idaho and Utah now puts the United States on a par with countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia who also have laws in place protecting mothers breastfeeding in public.