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Chipotle Closing Stores

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Source: Reuters

Chipotle are set to close up to 65 stores in an effort to restructure costs, according to The Street.


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The company made the announcement during an investor day and also announced plans for easier-to-understand digital ordering and faster moving lines at their restaurants, which will include clearly marked pick-up shelves.

According to The Street, Chipotle tested their new pick-up shelves at a downtown Denver, Colorado store with Chipotle’s CEO, Brian Niccol, revealing, “That simple change caused a double-digit increase in our digital sales within the first few weeks, and it sustained. Not only did it provide a significantly faster and more convenient mobile ordering pick-up experience, but it served as in-store marketing that raised awareness among our customers standing in line.”

Chipotle’s CFO, John R. Hartung told The Street “the stores to be closed are located all over the country and there was no common thread related to their age or design.”

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