Elizabeth Warren Blasts Amazon – Again


Source: AP

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has once again blasted online retail giant Amazon for destroying small businesses.

In a town hall speech, Warren vowed to take down the largest tech companies in the U.S. including Amazon, Facebook, and Google, saying the companies have “too much power.”

During the speech Warren accused Amazon of using data collected from buyers and sellers to create its own private label products – products sold under various brands that belong directly to the online giant.

Warren shared footage of the town hall meeting on her Twitter account, writing, “Giant tech companies have to much power. My plan to #BreakUpBigTech prevents corporations like Amazon from knocking out the rest of the competition. You can be an umpire, or you can be a player – but you can’t be both.”

Amazon retaliated in a rare Twitter spar with the Massachusetts Senator, tweeting in response, “We don’t use individual sellers’ data to launch private label products (which account for only about 1% of sales). And sellers aren’t being “knocked out” – they’re seeing record sales every year. Also, Walmart is much larger; Amazon is less that 4% of U.S. retail.”

In response, Warren argued via Twitter, “Here are the facts: First, there are multiple reports that Amazon is using the data it collects to copy successful goods sold by small businesses on the Amazon Marketplace and sell its own branded version. Second, Amazon’s private label products are projected to reach $25 billion in online sales by 2022. An analyst said huge private label sales would give Amazon “a strong…competitive advantage”… Finally, I said that Amazon was about 49% of all online retail sales. And yes, you are. What an odd thing to deliberately misconstrue.”