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Facebook Employees Testing New Dating Feature

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Source: AP/Shutterstock

Facebook employees are getting to test out the social media giant’s new dating service before it goes public, but according to the Associated Press the internal test came with the caveat “This is not meant for dating your co-workers!”

After Facebook announced their foray into the dating world back in May, Tinder’s parent company saw its shares drop by twenty percent and while many thought Facebook’s service would be offered as a standalone app to compete with Tinder, we now know the dating service will be offered as a feature that will appear alongside other Facebook categories such as Marketplace.

Mobile researcher Jane Manchun Wong shared some screenshots of the new app code, giving us a glimpse into how the new service will work.

According to TechCrunch, once you have opted in to activating Facebook Dating only other people who have turned it on will be able to see you and it won’t be shared on your news feed. Users also have the option of choosing whether friends of friends can see you or not and you can also unlock Groups or Events you’re part of for dating to see whether a potential match is lurking close by. Facebook will also provide possible matches for you based on – well, everything they know about you and of course you can stipulate your preferences as to your sexual orientation. If a possible match is found and you have an interest in one another you can then start communicating via Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.

No official word from Facebook yet as to when Facebook Dating will go live.

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