Facebook to Launch News Subscription Service


Source: Facebook

Social media giant Facebook is to test out a news subscription service, according to TheStreet, who was in attendance at the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit in New York.

The news product would erect a paywall, cutting off non-subscribers after they had accessed 10 articles and they plan to begin testing later this year, a source revealed.

Speaking at the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit, Facebook head of news partnership, Campbell Brown, said, “One of the things we heard in our initial meetings from many newspapers and digital publishers is that “we want a subscription product – we want to be able to see a paywall in Facebook” and that is what we’re doing now. We’re launching a subscription product.”

In a statement Brown revealed, “We are in early talks with several news publishers about how we might better support subscription business models on Facebook. As part of the Facebook Journalism Project, we are taking the time to work closely together with our partners and understand their needs.”