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First Lady to Embark on “Be Best” Tour

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Source: AP

Melania Trump is set to embark on a three-state tour to promote her “Be Best” initiative.

The First Lady will travel to Oklahoma, Nevada, and Washington on March 4th and 5th to talk about the program she unveiled last year.

Mrs. Trump’s “Be Best” initiative aims to address the well-being of children as they navigate the perils of social media and technology. The initiative also addresses the opioid epidemic which has torn families apart across the country.

“Whether it is social media and technology or drug and alcohol abuse, children in our country and around the world are faced with many challenges,” the First Lady said in a statement.

“Through Be Best I will continue to shine a spotlight on the well-being programs that provide children the tools and skills required for emotional, social and physical well-being and promote successful organizations, programs, and people who are helping children overcome some of the issues they face while growing up in the modern world,” the First Lady vowed.

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