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Google Unveils $300 Million Media Initiative to Fight Fake News

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Source: Google

Google has unveiled a ‘Google News Initiative’ in an attempt to combat fake news online and has committed to spend $300 million over the next three years on various news related projects.

In a blog announcement, Google’s Chief Business Officer Philipp Schindler revealed the company’s mission of creating a more informed world is inherently tied to good, quality journalism and the company plan to improve the quality and accuracy of news stories appearing on Google.

The Google News Initiative is Google’s “effort to help journalism thrive in the digital age” and will focus on three goals – the elevation of strong, quality journalism, creating business models to drive sustainable growth, and empowering news organizations through technological innovation.

Google announced they would work with news organizations to combat misinformation, especially during elections and breaking news situations. The company will be linking up with the Poynter Institute, Stanford University, and the Local Media Organization to “launch MediaWise, a U.S. project designed to improve digital information literacy for young consumers.”

In a separate post Google also revealed they would be launching a tool to help with subscriptions to news publications. The tool will help users keep their news subscriptions in one place, with the company revealing they will launch their news subscription with the Financial Times, the New York Times, and The Telegraph, among others, with an aim to add more publications in the future.

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