Hillary Clinton Supporters Can Now Download the Hillarymoji App

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Source: Hillarymoji

Yes, you saw it right, move over Kim Kardashian, the Hillarymoji is here. Smartphone users can download the app from the Apple store which gives users 20 different stickers on the iOS emoji keyboard.

The stickers are all themed around presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The emoji-line was developed by Tanooki Suit, offering Clinton fans to use emojis such that feature the former Secretary of State in an “H” labeled superhero costume and a pink card that reads “Woman Card,” among others.

Although the Clinton camp didn’t have any affiliation with developing the product, she was notified by creators they would be developing and launching the app. Clinton has yet to endorse the app, which, according to creators, was developed in part to as an attempt to engage with younger voters.

Cofounder of software and development of Tanooki Labs and cocreator of the app, Dave Renz, told CNN, “It’s a group she has got to bring over from the Bernie [Sanders] camp,” referring to the younger generation of voters. “It’s another tool to the arsenal to help do that.”

The app is free to users for download.

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