IKEA Coming to Manhattan With First Ever City-Center Store


Source: IKEA

Swedish retail giant IKEA have announced plans to build their first ever store in the heart of New York City next year.

Normally, IKEA stores are located outside of central city locations, but breaking from past models the retailer is building their first ever urban store on Manhattan’s Third Avenue comprising of just 1,600 square feet.

“We recognize that we are in a rapidly changing retail environment, and to be fit for long-term growth, IKEA is transforming in a way that lets us meet our customers where they are,” IKEA’s Lars Petersson said in a statement. “New York City is the natural choice to open the first city center store – the most vibrant, dynamic city in the US, and the epicenter of retail, business and culture.”

The new city center store will look a lot different from their massive warehouse stores we are used to finding on the outskirts of cities across the globe. The Manhattan store will be part of a new Planning Studio concept focusing on interior solutions for small spaces and urban living, allowing customers to preview and order IKEA products for delivery.

Sadly for Manhattan customers, the IKEA Planning Studio concept provides no room for the IKEA restaurant and their iconic meatballs. New York City residents will have to continue trekking to IKEA’s Brooklyn store if they want to indulge in some Swedish delicacies while they shop.