Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Running for Political Office


Source: NBC News/TODAY

Reality star Kim Kardashian, who recently met with President Trump to successfully arrange a presidential pardon for incarcerated grandmother Alice Johnson, opened up about the possibility of running for political office in the future.

The busy mom-of-three appeared on CNN’s The Van Jones Show to discuss her involvement in Alice Johnson’s case and fielded questions as to whether she could see herself running for office one day.

“I don’t really think that’s even on my mind,” Kim revealed about a career in politics, however when reminded President Trump was a one-time reality star Kim admitted, “I know. That’s why Kanye loves him.”

“It’s the idea that anything could happen,” Kim said, revealing she should “never say never.”

“I just want to help, starting with one person at a time,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared. “I think sometimes if more people would just put their personal feelings aside and talk about really important issues that have to be discussed, then so much more can get done.”