Lego Launches a ‘Kid Friendly’ Social Network


Source: LegoLife

Lego have a launched a new social network aimed for children under the age of 13.

The app, which is similar to an Instagram for kids and their lego creations, will be called Lego Life.

It will let kids post photos of their lego creations and post comments on other children’s pics, however they can only do so using special lego emojis, stickers, or prewritten responses. No text comments are allowed. Lego revealed the app will be heavily monitored by employees and automated filters.

Likewise the app will not ask for any personal information or photos, nor is any tracking enabled. Users will use Lego mini-figure avatars and randomized words for their user name. The only advertizing on the app will be from the Lego company.

Lego Life will also offer special building challenges for building enthusiasts to increase their creativity.