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Megyn Kelly Blasts Daily Mail for Taking Secret Video of Kids

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Source: NBC Today

Days after NBC cancelled her Today show over controversial blackface comments, Megyn Kelly has broken her silence.

Taking to Twitter, Megyn blasted the Daily Mail for allegedly secretly videoing her 7-year-old and posting it.

“For a week paparazzi has been lurking outside my home day & nite,” Megyn Tweeted. “Finally today I took my kids to school. I went out alone 1st, offered them donuts & begged them to just take their pic of me & leave my kids alone when they emerged. All were nice. Except the Dailymail…”

“The DailyMail 1st published photos of my husb IN OUR HOME & then *did* photog my kids, trailed us to my daughter’s school & secretly videotaped my 7-yr-old child (her classmates too) & posted it. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.”

The Daily Mail have not issued a response to Megyn’s allegations yet.

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