Megyn Kelly’s Show in Jeopardy


Source: Getty Images

Megyn Kelly’s future at NBC is uncertain following controversial comments she made over Halloween blackface costumes.

A source familiar with the situation revealed to CNN, Kelly’s future at NBC is “very much in doubt” and her 9 a.m. show on the network may not return.

Kelly did not host Thursday morning’s show. Instead, the network chose to air a pre-recorded show, saying, “Given the circumstances, Megyn Kelly will be on tape the rest of the week.”

However, People are reporting multiple sources have confirmed Kelly’s show has actually been cancelled, with an insider revealing, “They’re contacting the staff and reassigning everyone today. Everyone’s being told they still have a home here, but it won’t be on Megyn’s show. They haven’t made an official announcement about the show, but everyone knows what it means when they’re being moved somewhere else. The show is clearly over.”