Melania Trump Hosts Roundtable Discussion on America’s Opioid Crisis


Source: Shutterstock

First Lady Melania Trump hosted a roundtable discussion at the White House to talk about the opioid crisis affecting so many Americans.

The ten guests invited to the White House dining room included Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and people who have either been personally affected by the opioid crisis, or who work in drug recovery.

“The well being of children is of the utmost importance to me,” the First Lady revealed. “And I plan to use my platform as First Lady to help as many kids as I can.”

“With the many issues (children) face as they are growing up, drug addiction, especially opioid abuse, is one of those issues,” Trump told invitees at the discussion. “I look forward to working alongside the Presidential Opioid Commission, and people such as yourself, to do all we can to teach children the dangerous consequences of drug abuse.”