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Melania Trump Recovering After Surgery

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Source: AP

First Lady Melania Trump has taken to Twitter to give followers a post-surgery update.

Mrs. Trump, who underwent surgery earlier this week, is expected to remain in hospital for the rest of the week, but she assured everyone she is “feeling great.”

“A sincere thank you to Walter Reed Medical Unit & to all who have sent good wishes & prayers!” the first lady tweeted. “I am feeling great & looking forward to getting back home @whitehouse soon.”

The White House issued a statement on Monday to say the first lady underwent an embolization procedure for a benign kidney condition, but did not elaborate further on her condition, or the procedure.

According to CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, “Benign condition is all we know. Typically, most people would think it was a cyst. This no longer sounds like a cyst because of the way it was treated and how long her recovery is going to be.”

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