Pamela Anderson: #MeToo Movement “Has Gone Too Far”


Source: Getty Images

Pamela Anderson shared her thoughts on feminism and the #MeToo movement when she sat down for an interview with Australia’s 60 Minutes over the weekend telling host Liam Bartlett, “I think it paralyses men.”

“I think this feminism can go a bit too far,” Anderson said of the #MeToo movement. “I’m a feminist, but I think that this third wave of feminism is a bore.”

The 51-year-old former Playboy playmate and actress revealed on 60 Minutes, “I think that this #MeToo movement is a bit too much for me. I’m sorry, I’ll probably get killed for saying that.”

The Baywatch star also revealed she found her time spent as a Playboy model “very empowering” adding “no one forced me to do anything.”

In the interview, Anderson said it’s all about common sense, telling Bartlett, “My mother taught me, don’t go to a hotel with a stranger. If someone opens the door in a bathrobe and it’s supposed to be a business meeting, maybe I should go with somebody else. I think some things are just common sense.”