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Papadopoulos Ordered to Federal Prison

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Source: Reuters

A judge has ordered former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos to federal prison for making false statements to FBI agents investigating alleged links between Russia and the Trump campaign, according to the Associated Press.

Papadopoulos is set to complete a brief two-week stint in Oxford, Wisconsin, followed by a year’s probation, community service and a fine of $9,500.

According to CNN, federal authorities caught Papadopoulos telling “several lies about his contact during the Trump campaign with the Russia-connected professor Joseph Mifsud and a woman who claimed to be President Putin’s niece.” Mifsud allegedly had “dirt” on Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton and Papadopoulos reportedly “jostled within the campaign to arrange a meeting with then-candidate Donald Trump and President Putin.” The meeting never happened.

In a series of tweets sent early Monday morning, Papadopoulos wrote, “Still can’t believe the day I am going to a federal prison camp, mainstream media says am going for my Russia contacts. I have never met a single Russian official in my life. I have, however, met many western intel sources – Joseph Mifsud – who people still call “Russian.” Facts. USA.”

Papadopoulos has said he is willing to testify before congress after his brief incarceration ends, tweeting, “The truth will all be out. Not even a prison sentence can stop that momentum. Looking forward to testifying publicly shortly after. The wool isn’t going to pulled over America’s eyes forever.”

Papadopoulos’ attorney, Chris LaVigne, released a statement saying, “The Court’s decision not to stay Mr. Papadopoulos’ incarceration is an unfortunate result in an inequitable case. At sentencing, Judge Moss himself acknowledged that he did not see ‘any reason in the record to conclude that Mr. Papadopoulos had any desire to aid Russia in any way, to do anything that was contrary to the national interest.’… Given the immense power of the Special Counsel’s office and the cost of Mr. Papadopoulos of continuing the fight, he will serve his sentence tomorrow, and hopes to move on with his life.”

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