Prepare to be Dazzled by December’s Super Moon

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Source: Getty Images/AFP

On December 3, prepare to be dazzled by the last full moon of 2017, which is also the first supermoon of 2017!

The full moon in December is called the ‘full cold moon’ in the Northern Hemisphere and although this will technically be the fourth supermoon of the year, it is the only one we will be able to see with the naked eye.

The moon is usually approximately 238,000 miles away from earth, but December’s full moon will be 222,135 miles away – making the moon appear larger, brighter and more vibrant.

According to National Geographic, the best time to view the supermoon will be just after the moon rises following the sunset. During this time an “optical effect called the moon illusion will make the supermoon appear much bigger and brighter than it will once it’s high in the sky.”

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