Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reportedly Planning U.S. Trip


Source: Getty Images

Expectant royal parents, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, may be paying a visit to Meghan’s hometown of Los Angeles in the near future.

According to ET, royal expert Katie Nicholls has revealed plans are being drawn up for a possible royal tour of the United States and Canada in the fall of 2019 – but at the moment those plans are still in the very early stages.

Meghan, who is expecting their first child sometime in the spring, was born and raised in Los Angeles and also lived in Toronto, Canada where she filmed the TV show Suits.

Nicholls also addressed the rumors relationships are strained between Prince Harry and Prince William, a situation not helped by Kate and Meghan reportedly not getting along.

“The four of them will be at Sandringham for Christmas Day, hosted by the queen, but of course, the queen and her family, perhaps in many ways, is no different than other families – there are feuds, there are rifts,” Nicholls told ET. “For Christmas Day, at least, William and Harry are going to have to bury the hatchet, put a few wobbles behind them. It’s not like they’re not talking – they’re still incredibly close as brothers. But there have been fallouts, there has been tension.”

“Christmas is a good time for goodwill and forgiveness, so let’s hope we see the princes do just that,” Nicholls added.

In that Christmas spirit the royals have released their Christmas cards, with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex opting to release a never-before-seen photo of themselves on their wedding day.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose to share a sweet photo of their family donning blue jeans in the informal countryside pic.