Richard Branson’s Work Week Prediction


Source: Getty Images

Billionaire businessman Sir Richard Branson is making a prediction about the hours and days we typically put into a work week.

The Virgin boss took to his blog to predict the usual 9 to 5, Monday through Friday stints we associate with a typical work week will die-off in the future, thanks to technology.

“The idea of working five days a week with two day weekends and a few weeks of holiday each year has become ingrained in society. But it wasn’t always the case, and it won’t be in the future,” Branson wrote on his blog.

“As Google’s Larry Page and others have said, the amount of jobs available for people is going to decrease as technology progresses. New innovations will drive industries forward, but they will also reduce our reliance on people power,” Branson says. “Ideas such as driverless cars and more advanced drones are becoming a reality, and machines will be used for more and more jobs in the future. Even pilot-less planes will be become the reality in the not too distant future.”

While Sir Richard admits this may not sound like the best news for humans anxious to stay employed, the technology could be really positive for people all over the world.

“Could people eventually take three and even four day weekends? Certainly. Will job-sharing increase? I think so,” the billionaire predicts. “People will need to be paid the same or even more for working less time, so they can afford more leisure time. That’s going to be a difficult balancing act to get right, but it can be done. If it works for individuals and works for businesses, everyone would want to spend more time with their loved ones, more time exploring their passions, more time seeing the world outside of an office and more time getting healthy and fit.”