Samantha Bee’s Scathing New Nickname for Donald Trump Jr.


Source: Getty Images

Full Frontal host Samantha Bee has a new nickname for Donald Trump Jr. after announcing she believes he will be the one to take down Donald Trump’s presidency.

During Wednesday’s episode of Full Frontal, Bee ripped into Trump Jr. by discussing his involvement in the 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton and his contact with alleged Russian spy Maria Butina and Wikileaks.

“Man, anytime there was collusion going on, Donny was there,” Bee said. “He shows up everywhere. He’s like the Forrest Gump of collusion.”

Bee went on to say she believes Don Jr. has “spent his whole life seeking his dad’s approval and failing at it. And now he might be the one to bring down Trump’s presidency. So keep up the good work, buddy, we’re all rooting for you.”