San Diego Man Donates Checks to Paradise Wildfire Victims


Source: CBS News

A San Diego man has sent students and staff of Paradise High School $1,000 checks after the Camp Fire decimated their community.

According to the Associated Press, as many as 980 students and 105 staff members – including the principle, janitors and bus drivers – were expected to receive the generous donations.

The heartfelt gifts came from Bob Wilson, who owns six Fish Market seafood restaurants and is the chairman of Ducket-Wilson Development Company.

“I made the decision within two or three minutes of reading the news, that I would like to give these kids something,” Wilson revealed in an interview with NBC News. “So they could have some good times and I could put a smile on their faces and maybe lift their spirits.”

According to NBC News, Paradise High’s principal, Loren Lighthall, approximates as many as 900 students lost their homes in the wildfire, which killed 88 and destroyed nearly 14,000 residences in total.

“Bob’s donation puts money in each kid’s pocket right now for food, gas, clothes, for essential things,” the principal said.