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Sean Spicer Unveils First Lady’s Madame Tussaud’s Figure

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Source: Getty Images

Sean Spicer was on hand to help unveil First Lady Melania Trump’s wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s in New York City, calling the replica “very lifelike.”

“I’m not kidding, I looked at a photo I had with the first lady before I left and I mean, it’s pretty remarkable how lifelike it is, and the same thing with the president,” Sean told the press after the unveiling. “It’s impressive.”

Clothed in a royal blue dress, Melania’s Madame Tussaud’s figure is part of an installation entitled “Give Melania a Voice” – and according to MSN the installation allows visitors to publish tweets on behalf of the first lady on Tussaud’s @MTMelaniaMoments twitter handle until May 31st.

About Melania, Spicer was quick to praise the oftentime mysterious first lady, gushing, “She’s a very gracious and fashionable woman. I don’t think the American people have fully appreciated the level of intellect she has and her political savviness.”

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