Stephen Colbert’s Hilarious Response to Donald Trump’s Air Travel Tweet


Source: Late Show Promo

President Trump revealed he wants to privatize American air traffic control – and tweeted a video announcement of his plan.

In the tweet Trump said, “Today, I announced an Air Traffic Control Initiative to take American air travel into the future – finally!”

Never one to let an opportunity to escape Late Show host Stephen Colbert seized the moment to retort, “I’d be grateful if this means planes now take us 4 year into the future.”

President Trump’s plan to privatize air traffic control would separate it from the FAA and would operate on fees paid by airlines, rather than taxes.

If congress approve the changes it would take approximately three years for the changes to take effect.

“We are prepared to enter a great new era in American aviation,” Trump said at a press conference announcing his plans. “It’s time to join the future and make flights quicker and safer.”