Susan B. Anthony’s Grave Covered in “I Voted” Stickers

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Source: AP

It’s an election year ritual that for many felt a little more personal this year as the 2018 midterm elections saw a record number of women projected to win seats in the House.

In a tradition that has become popular over recent years, women voters visited the grave of voting rights pioneer, Susan B. Anthony, to decorate her headstone with “I Voted” stickers.

According to the Associated Press, women turned up from near and far to pay homage to Anthony, who played a pivotal role in the women’s suffrage movement and famously cast an illegal ballot on election day in 1872, long before the 19th Amendment gave women across the nation the right to vote in 1920.

One visitor, Jessica Crane, told the Associated Press she drove 40 miles to place her sticker at Anthony’s grave, to celebrate “everything we have accomplished and have yet to accomplish.”

Early Wednesday morning CNN projected 96 women would win House races, with “31 women newly elected to the House and 65 incumbents” adding “That bests the previous record of 85 representatives, according to the Congressional Research Service.”

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