The New Social Media Challenge – What Parents Need to Know

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Source: Getty Images

From snorting cinnamon to eating Tide-pods, social media has had its fair share of dangerous challenges young people have embarked upon to gain attention, but there’s one new challenge that is causing parents unnecessary worry and wasting valuable police time.

It’s called the 48-hour challenge and police warn it’s important to know how your children and teen are spending time on social media.

The challenge calls for participants to basically disappear, or go missing for a period of 48-hours to see how much reaction they get on social media. The participant then scores points based on how many times news of their disappearance gets shared on social media.

Police departments across the country have been warned about the challenge revealing it’s not only dangerous to those participating, but it can also tie officers up during real emergencies.

Law enforcement urges parents and guardians to keep on top of their kids’ social media use by knowing their passwords, understanding what apps they have on their phone and checking electronic devices regularly. It’s also important parents and caregivers communicate with their children about the dangers of online challenges and the potential legal charges they could face if they participate.

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