These Ear Pieces Can Translate Foreign Languages in Real-Time Changing the Way We Communicate

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Source: Waverly Labs

The challenge of language barriers can present problems in foreign relations, travel and in the way we communicate with one another. A product, manufactured by Waverly Labs, is hoping to alleviate language barrier issues with a device called the “Pilot.”

According to the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, “The Pilot is an earpiece which translates between languages.” Perhaps the most mind-blowing feature is that it translates languages in real-time, allowing individuals to understand each other in a conversation.

“Using the latest technologies in speech recognition, machine translation and the advances of wearable technology, our smart earpiece allows wearers to speak different languages but still clearly understand each other,” states Waverly Labs. “Simply put, when one person speaks, the other hears it in their language. Science fiction has called it many things, but we call it Pilot.”
Source: Waverly Labs

The smart earpiece comes in three different colors, red, white and black. The Pilot, available for pre-order on Indiegogo, is currently being offered for $199 and includes two earpieces, one mobile app and one portable charger.

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