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Tony Robbins Reveals What Brings True Happiness

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Life coach Tony Robbins has revealed money isn’t the key to happiness.

In an interview with CNBC’s Make It, Robbins says it’s what you do with the money that makes you happy.

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“Lots of people get a billion dollars and they’re not wealthy, because wealth is emotion, it’s psychology, it’s spirit, it’s soul,” Robbins shared, revealing it’s how you help people that brings true happiness.

“Really, quality of life comes by finding a way to add more value to other people’s lives,” Robbins told Make It. “There have been times when I’ve had nothing and I gave that money away, and the level of freedom it created in me … I can’t even describe to you verbally.”

Robbins also suggests spending money on experiences, rather than things, telling Make It, “The [material things you buy] don’t last, you get used to them. What’s more valuable, if you want happiness, is clearly being able to have experiences. When you buy experiences, they linger. A trip, the experiences, the emotions, all that.”

According to Robbins, the pleasure you gain from helping someone can be life-changing.

“You’re going to find a giant shift, and that shift will change the way you do business, it will change the way you approach your family, it will change the way you feel about yourself and it’ll give you the experience of wealth,” he told Make It.

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