Trump’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Vandalized


Source: KCAL

It’s not the first time President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been desecrated.

On Wednesday, a man used a pickaxe in attempt to destroy Trump’s star on the infamous walkway, according to Los Angeles Police Officer Ray Brown.

According to reports, the man identified as 24-year-old Austin Clay, was arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism and is being held on $20,000 bail.

President and CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Leron Gubler, released a statement regarding the incident claiming, “When people are unhappy with one of our honorees, we would hope that they would project their anger in more positive ways than to vandalize a California State landmark.” He continued, “Our democracy is based on respect for the law. People can make a difference by voting and not destroying public property.”