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Wife of Israeli PM Charged with Fraud

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Source: Yashuv/Flash90

The wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been charged with a series of crimes, including fraud, over allegations she misappropriating public funds. If convicted Sara Netanyahu could face up to five years in prison.

According to FOX News, 59-year-old Mrs. Netanyahu has also been charged with breach of trust in conjunction with the “Prepared Food Affair” which alleges Netanyahu misused $100,000 public funds for catering services at the prime minister’s home in Jerusalem by falsely stating there were no cooks on staff so she could order meals made outside of the residence.

Prosecutors allege the prime minister’s wife allegedly ordered the cook’s employment be kept secret and that “she was aware that ordering meals from the outside for the residence when it employed a cook was a violation of the rules.”

According to FOX News, the indictment came after attempts to have Mrs. Netanyahu pay for the outside meals charges were unsuccessful.

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